Productos Químicos Internacionales S.A. is a Spanish company, founded in 1984, with substantial experience in the distribution of raw materials for the industry.

Our extensive experience allows us to service the needs and demands of a wide variety of industries within the secondary sector.

A network of distribution platforms forming one of Europe’s most important logistics hubs operates out of our headquarters in Malaga in southern Europe.

We provide sales coverage for the entire Iberian Peninsula and Mediterranean Basin, as well as having a presence in every EU member state.

Guaranteed Quality

Our modern and innovative facilities are fitted with the latest technology allowing for exhaustive traceability procedures with all of our products.



Our long history in the composite industry in sectors such as automotive, naval, aeronautical, aerospace, electronics, sports equipment and construction, among others, means we can provide appropriate advice in terms of resins, reinforcements and other ancillary products.


We have access to a wide variety of raw materials and systems used in the manufacture of rigid and flexible foams.
We offer environmentally-friendly alternatives for both water and HFO-based products, as well as pigments, additives and all types of specialised products used in the construction and furniture industries, and other operations.


We distribute high-performance, pure and hybrid polyurea, as well as primers, pigments and other materials used to guarantee the efficacy of their application.

We have polyurethane systems for thermal insulation by projection and injection.

All of our products meet the standards required by the construction industry.


We supply the market with raw materials and additives for industrial application, covering the decoration, construction and nautical sectors, among others.


We’re a provider of surfactants and specialist chemicals used in the formulation of personal care and hygiene products, as well as domestic and industrial cleaners. Our product portfolio is constantly evolving in order to satisfy the needs and demands of our customers.


With the ultimate goal of providing specific solutions, we develop tailor-made products for each customer with the support and guarantee of our partners (global leaders in the chemical industry).


We’re a family-run business with over 35 years’ experience, during which time we have maintained a solid and upward-trending trajectory which has allowed us to establish ourselves in the Iberian market and develop a strong international presence. 

The facilities at our head office in Malaga cover over 15,000 m2 and include a bonded warehouse which has enabled us to expand our logistics services. We also have warehouses located throughout Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Valencia and Vigo). 

We commit to working closely with our customers and suppliers to form part of their supply chain, carrying out distribution and storage services with the aim of guaranteeing quality, security, and respect for the environment at all times. 

Our mission is to continue to work with the same enthusiasm we always have and the satisfaction of knowing we have met our customers’ needs.


We work with highly-prestigious international manufacturers renowned for the quality and reliability of their products. This allows us to offer a wide and competitive range of raw materials and ancillary products for every industry: food, automotive, construction, nautical, and beyond.


We work closely with a wide variety of customers in a very diverse range of industrial sectors.
This allows us to have a global vision of the market and support our clients in making the right decisions.


We have the required infrastructure to store, transport and distribute raw materials to the industry both on a national and international level, with perfectly-equipped facilities for both solid and liquid products.
We have a bonded warehouse in a Free Trade Zone, lending our logistical capabilities increased versatility and agility.


We invite you to know and be up to date with all the projects in which we work within the different markets in which we are present, in addition to keeping you informed of all the news related to the chemical industry sector.

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